Mospro Infrared Thermometer with Dual Mode Forehead And Ear Medical Thermometer for Baby, Toddler and Adults, with Two Batteries

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About the product
  • 1.[Accurate and Reliable]:With advanced infrared technology, our thermometer is proven to be of high quality, accuracy and reliability.The measuring range of the thermometer is between 32.0℉-212.0℉(0℃-100℃).You can rely on it when you need it.

  • 2.[TWO in ONE]Get incredibly rapid reading in 1 sec with 2 different modes, forehead and ear! You can get the readings in 1 sec after using the thermometer.It has the simplest operation compared with mouth thermometer for children.

  • 3.[Memory Recall]:A maximum of 20 previous readings is available to help you track the changes of body temperature.

  • 4.[Fever Warning]:When the reading exceeds 37.5℃/99.5℉,users will be warned that he/she may have a fever by rapid and short rings and the flashing red backlight.

  • 5.Safe and Hygienic]:No more danger of swallowing mercury compare to mercury thermometer,it’s totally safe for children to use.We also offer a pouch making it portable and 2 batteries (AAA)are included.

Product description

-Do you feel inconvenient when using a mouth thermometer or a mercury thermometer?
-Do you need a thermometer with reliable accuracy?

Mospro brings you the latest Infrared Thermometer with Dual Mode to meet all your needs!

WHY CHOOSE US? Totally Safe
Compared to mouth thermometer, there is no danger of eating it by mistake or bacterial infection when a child using this thermometer.
Compared to mercury thermometer, there is also no danger of breaking the glass or swallowing mercury. 
It is absolutely safe for baby and children to use. 

Dual-Mode design
It’s easy to switch the detection mode between forehead and eardrum.
In forehead mode, you just need to position the thermometer at the center of the forehead and then press the HEAD button to get the temperature in 1 sec.
In the ear mode,you just need to insert the ear and probe into the ear canal then press the EAR button.
Other Features
-1 second measurement time
-Fever warning
-20 readings memory recall
-Extensive clinical date
-free pouch and batteries are included

We are confident you will love this product!

Package Included
-1×Dual Mode Infrared Thermometer
-1×User Manual

100% satisfaction warranty
All infrared thermometer sold by us are covered a 12-month satisfaction warranty.
If you’re not satisfied with our product. Please contact with our customer service.
And we will make things right for you!

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  • Shipping Weight: 4.8 ounces

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I was sceptical at first that something this reasonable could be so great. I checked it with traditiional thermometers and it is right on. It is a really nice little bonus that you can do the room temperature with it as well. I am thrilled with the product!
***** 2019-08-31
This thermometer came in handy when right after getting it the flu swept through our house. It is easy to keep track of for me (i always lose the under the tounge ones) its easy to read. The screen displays large numbers and with fever turns red. I also felt it more sanitary getting the temp from the head or ear then sticking thermometers in everyones mouth. Also a great thing for those active babies. It takes temperature in seconds unlike the traditional ones.
***** 2019-07-30
This thermometer is really convenient. I like that I can choose to use it on the forehead or ear and both seem accurate. I tested it on myself and my kids. I also like that it is really quick to give a temperature reading. The only thing I wish it had are covers for when it's used in the ear, but I suppose washing it from time to time is better for the environment.
***** 2019-07-05

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