Potinv Stainless Steel Frying Pan, 10.25 Inch Nonstick Skillet with Lid and Turner, Induction Compatible, Anti-Warp Base, Dishwasher and Oven Safe

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About the product
  • 12.5 inch stir fry pan made of stainless steel, nonstick cookware interior is Honeycomb texture, achieve separation state nonstick.

  • The 7-layer composite bottom is highly resistant to wear and provides extra durability for the cook cookware. The magnetically permeable stainless steel base does not warp and is suitable for all cooktops.

  • Ergonomic handle, comfortable to hold and cool to touch.

  • The frying pan is easy to clean. Dishwasher safe; Oven safe to 450°F.

  • Potinv provide a money back guarantee - We’re so confident you’ll love our pots and pans. If you are not thrilled with your purchase, just contact us and we will give your money back.


Potinv 10.25 Inch Stainless Steel Skillet

Nonstick Fry Pan is an essential pan for every day cooking. The large cooking surface and deep sides is good for family cooking. Features everything you need for searing, simmering, frying, boiling, and more.


Honeycomb Nonstick

The principle of water vapor self-separation nonstick is adopted, and under the separation effect of the honeycomb protective layer, the contact area between the food and the pot surface is reduced, and the gas suspension effect is formed, achieve the self-separating nonstick, less fumes.


Composite Bottom

The 7-layer composite bottom is highly resistant to wear and provides extra durability for the cook cookware. The magnetically permeable stainless steel base does not warp and is suitable for all cooktops.


Scratch resistant

Uncoated, scratch resistant and easy to clean. Suitable for any turner, acid and alkali resistant, non-corrosive, can be used in dishwashers.


Tempered Glass Lid

The heat-resistant and explosion proof glass cover makes it easy to watch cooking progress without needing to lift the lid.


Rivet connection

The rivet is used to fix the handle, which is firm and not easy to fall off.


Comfortable Handle

The heat-insulated handles provide a comfortable grip while you are cooking. The convenient helper handle gives added support while moving the pan.

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The cookware I have been used to using are brands like T-Fal and cuisinart. I found this particular skillet to be exactly what I needed. It has a nice weight, feels good in my hand, and the size is perfect for cooking for a family. I have followed the advice of other reviewers, and I don't cook in it over anything higher than medium heat. I also do not immerse it in water while it is still hot, to hopefully prevent warping. I have nothing but praise for this skillet, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something in this price range.
***** 2019-09-09
I have had many pans, from copper, cast iron, stainless and non-stick. Most types of pans either requires cooking spray, oil or butter and many usually have food that sticks. Most so-called non-stick pans usually flake or scratch which further aggravates the problem. Without question, this is the most versatile pan that I own. There is some confusion on Amazon on how to treat the pan before use. Potinv requests that the pan be initially treated with white vinegar, brought to heat, and then washed with soap and water. Amazon's instructions are to first coat with oil, heat, and clean. So, I did both to be sure. The first cleaning was slightly alarming in that a black residue came up from the hexagonal pockets, but this happened only on the first cleaning and has not either affected the cooking nor happened since. The key to using this pan is to bring it up to cooking heat first, and then add the food. Otherwise, from cold it seems to stick. Clean up is simple, and no oil or spray is necessary. An outstanding design and construction.
***** 2019-05-01
My husband and I are both good cooks and we love to have family and friends over for big meals. We've worn out a highly touted nonstick set from from QVC, and so are going back to plain stainless steel. Finding a good set at a reasonable price is tough. One of the hardest things to replace is the open stock skillet my husband loves to cook with. I found this one and took a chance because the price was so much better than what you see at the chef supply places. It is about medium grade weight wise, but good quality stainless that fries well without a lot of sticking. It passed the bacon test, cooking evenly without charring or lots of brown residue, and cleaned very easily. He loves the pan and so do I. This one is on the bottom as well as the top and the size is good for us since we have a five burner range and do lots of family gatherings. I'd highly recommend this pan, in fact we are buying more pieces in this line.
***** 2019-04-30

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